At Dubel Holdings, we embrace and embody the values envisioned by our Founder, Damian Alexander Dubel. These principles are woven into the fabric of our organization, uniting every team member at Dubel Holdings. Our pursuit of excellence is guided by four imperatives, standing as steadfast pillars that drive our performance and pave the path to enduring success.


    At Dubel Holdings, we are defined by a deep-seated commitment to fostering creativity and innovation. This melding of creativity and ingenuity forms the cornerstone of our offerings, striking the delicate balance between heritage and embracing a forward-focused approach. We hold ourselves to unwavering standards of excellence, pushing the boundaries year after year. Moreover, we embrace technological advancements, recognising them as a vital pathway for growth and evolution. Within our organization, we champion an entrepreneurial spirit, promoting the endless exploration of possibilities and a dedication to crafting timeless products that seamlessly blend modernity with history.


    Delivering excellence is our unwavering commitment at Dubel Holdings. It's not merely a goal; it's a promise we uphold in every endeavor, setting the bar high for ourselves and our teams. We believe in going above and beyond, ensuring that every product, service, and interaction reflects the pinnacle of quality and dedication. Through continuous refinement and dedication to perfection, we strive to exceed expectations, leaving an indelible mark of excellence on our industry and the communities we serve.


    We actively cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage and celebrate a mindset that embraces innovation, risk-taking, and initiative. We believe in empowering every team member to think creatively, take ownership of their ideas, and proactively seek out opportunities for growth and improvement. Nurturing this entrepreneurial mindset fuels our agility, adaptability, and ability to seize new possibilities, ultimately driving the success and innovation that define us as a company.


    We are steadfastly committed to creating a positive impact in everything we do. Our dedication goes beyond achieving business success; it extends to making a meaningful difference in the lives of our Partners and communities we serve. We strive to conduct our operations responsibly, ethically, and sustainably, ensuring that our actions contribute to a better world. This commitment drives us to actively seek opportunities for philanthropy, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility, embodying our belief that business success is intrinsically linked to a positive and enduring impact on society.

Long Term

"Every company under the Dubel Holdings umbrella is tasked with nurturing the utmost level of quality, not solely for the purpose of sustaining it over time, but also for the purpose of enhancing it, as we consistently establish higher benchmarks."

Damian Alexander Dubel