Asia Cup Polo Returns

Asia Cup Polo Returns

Disrupt Events Returns to the Pulse of Polo!

Following the tremendous success of our inaugural Polo match experience, it was only natural for us to eagerly return for the next year's event.

The Asia Cup Polo, an annual extravaganza, promises an exhilarating blend of vivacious guests, spirited horses, heartwarming charity auctions, sumptuous meals, and an overall delightful atmosphere.

Disrupt Events orchestrated the attendance of approximately 40 esteemed guests to partake in this thrilling day at the Asia Cup Polo match. The journey commenced with an intimate gathering, boasting 15 dynamic content creators, who shared in pre-drinks, delightful snacks, and a light brunch, setting the tone for an amazing day ahead. From there, we ventured to the Winkfield Polo Park, where the excitement only continued to build.

Arriving at the venue, we were treated to a delectable three-course meal, all while partaking in an exciting charity auction, a heartwarming effort to raise funds for children in need.


Post-lunch and a lively auction, we moved to the elegantly set tables and chairs overlooking the polo pitch, where the finals day polo match took center stage. The afternoon was alive with the thundering hooves of horses and the cheers of the crowd.

As the sun set, we transitioned into an evening of live music, free-flowing drinks, and an inviting dance floor, culminating in a lively and unforgettable celebration of an absolutely wonderful day at the Asia Cup Polo match.


Find more about the event on our youtube channel.

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