Mr Red Fox Of London Soho Styling Spray

Mr Red Fox Of London Soho Styling Spray

Is your hair feeling lackluster and flat after each shower, defying all attempts to achieve that desired natural lift? Are you tirelessly experimenting with an array of styling products, yet the results remain elusive? Perhaps your mornings are a struggle, attempting to nail that perfect hairstyle.

But here's the good news—you need not resign to the belief that those effortlessly wavy locks are exclusive to individuals in warmer climates or those by the sea. Enter our Soho Styling Spray, a game-changer capable of recreating those coveted summer waves all year round. Infused with the essence of natural definition, texture, and volume, this spray is designed to breathe life into your hair, bestowing an envy-worthy body and assisting you in mastering your daily styling routine. Embrace the waves and define your style effortlessly.

What is Sea Salt Spray?

Salt water is renowned for the absorption of natural hair oils, which is why so many of us achieve a new-found texture, volume and natural curl during summer holidays. To replicate this much sought-after effect on a daily basis, Mr Red Fox of London Soho Styling Spray was created to help make the difference between simply cleaning up your hair in the morning and laying the foundations for sculpting a defined, natural look.


Why Use Sea Salt Spray? 

“Sea Salt adds extra weight to the hair, making it look fuller and more stiff with a gritty texture. It actually makes hair easier to style as well.” Says Mr Red Fox Of London Founder Damian Alexander Dubel. 

One of the main reasons behind it being one of our most popular items with customers is the versatility of Sea Salt Spray with various types of hair.

For men with slightly thinning hair, sea salt is perfect as it helps you to achieve more artistic looks. It makes fine hair look thicker and gives your styling product a stronger foundation to finish on. Over the course of the day, your hair will no longer suddenly fall flat or lose its form.


To help produce more creative finishes, gentlemen with fuller hair may also use our Soho Styling Spray followed with a strong blow-dry. Sea salt adds structure and better hold to fairly static hair, meaning that as you would sometimes do to build a desired shape, you do not have to go crazy with styling product.

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