Asia Cup Polo

Asia Cup Polo

Supporting the Spectacular Asia Cup Polo International Day on July 3rd, 2022.

Gathering an impressive crowd of 1800 esteemed guests, we curated an exceptional weekend devoted to the sport of kings - Polo.

Our adventure began at the sleek and modern Dao by Dorset Hotel in Shepherds Bush. Welcoming all attendees, we kicked off the festivities with an exquisite early cocktail master class hosted by Silent Pools Gin. As the clock neared midday, we set off for the illustrious Windsor Polo Grounds.

Upon arrival, our guests were greeted with invigorating drinks and were immersed in the luxurious ambiance of the marquee. The day unfolded with captivating speeches, engaging silent auctions, and entertaining games, all set against the backdrop of a splendid dinner.

A delightful dessert awaited, followed by the commencement of the first Polo game. The matches were a whirlwind of excitement, displaying the grace and power of this noble sport. After several riveting hours of play, we celebrated the announcement of the victorious team.

In a gracious ceremony, Damian Alexander Dubel, our esteemed founder, presented players with tokens from his various brands and awarded well-deserved trophies to the match officials, runners-up, and the ultimate champions.

It was a day of pure delight, leaving us eagerly anticipating the opportunity to recreate this splendid event in the coming year!
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