Gentleman's Day Out

Crafting an Exquisite Gentleman's Day for Mr. Red Fox of London 

The day commenced at the charming Dorsett Hotel in Shepherds Bush. Upon arrival, all guests were warmly welcomed at the hotel, checked in, securely stowed their belongings, and prepared for the enriching day that lay ahead.

In collaboration with Watts Way Travel, a fully electric coach awaited the guests, ready to transport them to the Bisley Shooting grounds, adding an environmentally conscious touch to their journey.

Upon reaching the destination, an engaging presentation on the shooting grounds' storied past and the day's planned events set the stage. A few hours of sharpshooting followed, culminating in a friendly competition among the gentlemen, shooting clays from a crane's peak.

Following the exhilarating shooting experience, guests were welcomed with a crackling fire and a carefully crafted glass of whisky, offering the perfect ambiance to unwind and reflect on the day's adventures.

To cap off this remarkable day, guests were escorted to the renowned Portobello Road in Notting Hill, where they explored a distinguished Distillery. Here, an evening of whisky tasting awaited, accompanied by an informative master class on whisky production. Guests had the opportunity to savor various types of whisky from around the globe. As the evening progressed, delightful food arrived, marking a fitting end to an unforgettable day.

Anticipating the pleasure of welcoming our esteemed guests for our upcoming adventures.


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