Unveiling the Complete Jessie Foakes Collection

Unveiling the Complete Jessie Foakes Collection

This past week, we had the honor of hosting an event that showcased the exceptional talent of artist Jessie Foakes, a finalist for the prestigious Dubel Prize. Despite her relatively short journey in the art world, spanning just three years, Jessie's work has garnered significant attention for its precision and creativity, qualities honed through her experience in the tattoo industry.

Working primarily with acrylic and spray paint, alongside unconventional tools such as rulers and bread knives, Jessie's art breathes life into her creations, pushing the boundaries of familiar objects and ideas. Her artwork is a testament to boundless creativity and the power of imagination, a refreshing departure from structured approaches. Jessie thrives on the spontaneity and joy that the artistic process brings, constantly exploring the essence of known objects and taking them beyond their conventional forms.

The setting for this remarkable event was the elegant Home House, a perfect backdrop for Jessie to unveil her complete collection to an eager audience. Judges, family, friends, and invited guests were treated to a visual feast of artistry, with an atmosphere abuzz with flowing drinks, live music, and an ambiance that encouraged the appreciation of art in all its forms.

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Jessie Foakes represents a fusion of innovation, passion, and a free-spirited approach to creativity. Her journey serves as an inspiration to emerging artists, illustrating how imagination and dedication can turn dreams into reality. We eagerly anticipate witnessing her continued artistic evolution and the impact her unique vision will have on the art world.

images of guest from the dubel prize

Stay tuned for updates on Jessie Foakes' artistic journey and explore more about the event on our YouTube channel.

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