Nomadic Act Series II

Nomadic Act Series II

Raw, Rebellious, Remarkable Art Unveiled!

Building on the phenomenal success of the Nomadic Series Volume 1, the dynamic partnership between Nomad Arts and the Dorsett Hotel Group continues to flourish with the much-anticipated launch of Nomadic Series Volume 2, brought to life in collaboration with Disrupt Events.

The Artist Taped, a visionary creator, is set to unveil his third groundbreaking series, "Words From An Icon," exclusively at the Dorsett Hotel. This unrevealed masterpiece represents the Artist's ingenious reimagination of iconic images through the lens of street art, preserving the musical legends' essence within the strokes of his brush.

Adding to the artistic spectacle, Frank Canvas, a luminary in the realm of art, presents his highly anticipated 4th collection, "A Frank Look At Happiness." Having achieved resounding success with three previous sold-out collections featuring his distinctive book cover style art, this event offers an exclusive preview of his latest collection before it graces the market.

The grand event unfolded at the Dorsett Hotel in Shepherd's Bush, where guests were welcomed with bespoke cocktails and an electrifying atmosphere. The ambiance was set ablaze by captivating speeches from the founders of Nomad Arts and Damian Alexander Dubel, honoring and celebrating the artists and their groundbreaking collections.


Millie, our esteemed presenter, took the stage to announce the winners of our thrilling competition. The stakes were high, and the excitement palpable. Drumroll, please! In the end, the first-place winner earned a luxurious free hotel stay at the Dorsett, while the second and third-place winners were delighted to receive a unique piece of artwork personally signed by the talented artists.

In the spirit of sharing this artistic celebration with the wider community, the artwork from both artists will be proudly displayed in the Dorsett Hotel's lobby and restaurant over the next couple of months, welcoming the public to immerse themselves in the creativity and vision of these remarkable talents.


Hold on to your seats and mark your calendars, for the excitement doesn't end here! Brace yourselves for the upcoming installment, slated for October 11th, promising yet another unforgettable artistic experience that awaits. Get ready to be wowed!


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